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Bird Project

Bird Project is an immersive storytelling experience that chronicles the journey of migratory birds as they fly South along the North American portion of the Pacific Flyway. The audience is invited to follow this intrepid expedition as birds fly from Vancouver, BC to Mexico for the winter. Bird Project seamlessly integrates narrative storytelling and ornithological journalism, rich light and sound design, contemporary chamber music, and subtle theatrical elements to tell this riveting tale of navigational prowess, natural wonder, and the irreversible effects of habitat encroachment.

Sign up to join us along the Pacific Flyway for performances in Fall 2020.

Creative Team

Advisory Council

Flutist; Performer

  • Matt Ebisuzaki. Musician; former Project Manager at Photon SF

  • Brent Miller. Composer; Director of the Center for New Music

If you are a potential funder, please click here for our internal press kit and full budget proposal.

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