Intermediate/Advanced Practice Guide Tips

How to Take Your Practice Guide to the Next Level:

1. Print two study parts from IMSLP

2. Listen to recordings while following along with the score

*see my "How to Listen: Orchestral Excerpts" blog post for tips on how to take notes and what to listen for when doing score study

3. Practice the excerpt on your second, blank study part. This time, notate phrasing cues, breath marks, etc. that help you solidify your personal interpretation.

4. Record yourself! 

*see "How to Record Yourself" for constructive listening techniques

5. Review your recording and continue honing your interpretation. Try playing along with recordings you like, or asking a friend to play the second flute part with you, where appropriate. You may always return to the warmups and practice techniques to support your musical goals.

Jeanne Baxtresser

Danish Radio Orchestra;

Ulla Miilmaan, principal flute

Philadelphia Orchestra;

James Pellerite, principal flute

New York Philharmonic;

Julius Baker, principal flute

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