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Foundations of Breathing

Foundations of Breathing


Breathing is one of the most important skills for flutists, as we use the most air of any wind instrument to make sound! A good breath can relax your body and soothe nerves, enhance a musical phrase, and of course refill your lungs to play the next set of notes. Of course, we've all felt the stress of not getting enough air or playing a passage well in practice and then struggling when putting it into context.


These two simple warmups are designed to address precisely these issues. Cultivate greater ease in playing and breathing with my original "Whispered Ah Etudes," and learn strategies for incorporating effective breaths into your practice with "Rebound Breaths."


Note: These chapters are included in my book, "Applied Flute Practice Technique." 

Note: I offer two breathing workshops based on this material. See my "workshops" page for more information and contact me to arrange a workshop for your studio.

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