Toodle-oo is a “Slow Art” practice devoted to the observation and musical transcription of birdsong. This project was inspired by my awe of nature and a desire to, in the words of writer David G. Haskell, “join in a practice of cross-species listening as a bridge to kinship.” 


Please contact me ​to collaborate or to purchase birdsong recordings/transcriptions.

House wren. Bald eagle. Song sparrow. Raven. By noticing and naming, we take the first step into friendship and understanding, crossing the gulf between species. Sound is a particularly powerful connector because it travels through and around barriers, finding us and calling us out of inattention. We walk across town and notice our avian cousins. Kinship and community are no longer just ideas, but are lived, sensual relationships.” 


David G. Haskell, “The Voices of Birds and the Language of Belonging”

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