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Applied Flute Practice Technique

 "To be a professional musician is to be a professional practicer." - Alberto Almarza


In other words, you must enjoy the process of preparation or you won't succeed in performance, and more importantly, you won't enjoy your tenure as a musician. My personal philosophy is that anything can be made easy. That's why I wrote "Applied Flute Practice Technique" - to provide creative and thoughtful solutions to one of the most major obstacles to learning music: the how. Using the "Scherzo" from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream as a template, my book bridges the gap between theory and execution by introducing warmups and practice techniques in a step-by-step, "learn by doing" format appropriate for flutists intermediate and above.


  1. History & Context

  2. Inspiration from Master Teachers

  3. Recommended Warmups

  4. Practice Techniques in a Step-by-Step Learning Format

  5. Supplemental Resources including sheet music & recommended recordings

  6. Tutorial Videos

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ArtworkStudy of Titania and Bottom, J.A. Fitzgerald

Cover Layout and Design: Alex Finis

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