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rare bird

ra·ra a·vis

/ˌre(ə)rə ˈāvis,ˌrärə ˈäwis/

rare bird is my curatorial identity and my answer to the question, "What can I offer as an artist?"


One of my deepest-held beliefs is that it is a radical act to choose beauty, art, and connection, in a world that systemically devalues all of these things. My goal as a curator is restore your senses of wonder by hosting a relaxed, communal environment and performing music that tells a story.


I'm a devout practicioner of "Slow Art." Rarely working on more than one project at a time, each concert is developed through a slow, iterative process that omniverously draws upon the fullness of life: time spent in nature; literature and poetry; children's questions; music; visual art; the mundane; shower thoughts; late night conversations; politics; dreams; serendipity and rendez-vous; and the glorious, terrifying, spectrum of emotions that make one human.


Is this lucrative or commercially successful? Assuredly not. But the qualitative benefits of such a process are deeply felt in each event, whether a simple evening of classical chamber music or an experiential and multidisciplinary gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art").

I began curating concerts in 2014 as the co-founder of a contemporary chamber ensemble, Phonochrome. Of our namesake concert, Phonochromaticism, Jeff Dunn of the San Francisco Classical Voice raved, 

"...dozens of new-music lovers crammed into the concert space to hear the evolving group Phonochrome and friends play six new chamber works by as many worthy composers. Almost everyone — performers, composers, and, most significantly, audience members — was apparently under 30. I can now die in peace knowing art music will continue to prosper…"

It was my favorite kind of concert - a collaboration.

My next event is THE PATH TO PLEASURE, a 4-part concert series inspired by the pillars of Pleasure Activism. Please visit the project page to learn more.

"I love that this exists! How can I help?"

1. Come to a concert and invite all your friends! THE PATH TO PLEASURE will be presented by 1781 Collective.


2. You can stay up-to-date by joining the mailing list. Since I'm not on social media, subscribing to my email list is the best way to find out about upcoming concerts - you'll also receive discounts, behind-the-scenes musings, and advance tickets :)

Stay in-the-know!

Thanks for subscribing!

3. Can't come, or don't live in Berlin? Support our work by purchasing a "ghost ticket" (buy a ticket even if you can't come) or making a recurring donation. I am extremely grateful for donations, which support "invisible" yet ongoing costs such as administrative everything; equipment maintenance; sheet music purchase and rental; rehearsal room rentals; compensating collaborators fairly; marketing services; material costs such as printed programs and reception food/drinks; and more.


Ticket sales cover only a fraction of the costs of concert production, and your additional support makes these unique events possible.

4. If you are a musician, please don't hesitate to reach out! If you live in Berlin, I'd love to meet you to strengthen our community and see if we might be a good fit as collaborators. And I am always happy to consult on programming or other musical projects, regardless of location.

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